SSW Day 4: Inkodyed Centerfield Tees

I know...I missed day 3...on the blog that is! SSW has been flying by! Not only with the sewing, but it's been a pretty busy week around the house too. But back to SSW, if you want to get a reminder of what this is all about head over here.

Now, when Rachael asked me to participate I got pretty excited about this Centerfield Raglan pattern by GreenStyle Creations. I had never really heard much about GreenStyle Creations before, but after browsing the site pretty much fell in love with this basic. Because hello, the majority of the time, I'm a tshirt and jeans kinda gal!


Let's talk pattern details real quick before we get into this orange stuff.... I cut out a M since my measurements fell in between sizes and the pattern recommended to go up one for a bit of a looser fit. Well, I'm thinking I may go up to a L for the looser fit...BUT other then that, it fit perfectly...until I started looking at it and overthinking. I decided it was too long and cut off a few inches from the bottom. Now...it's a tad too short. Oh well, I'll just wear it around the house in that case.

Now for these, I knew I wanted to try something new. I have been dying to get my hands on some Inkodye and low and behold, I knew I'd have to either drive down to the city OR order it online...until my local art supply store sent out their monthly flyer and they had some...and it was on sale! Ummm....Perfect!!! So I grabbed some, and decided to try for a messy block (a la messy inkblot style....yea...don't ask where I'm getting this inspiration idea from...she's in my head!) and used some scissors for the shapes, which almost give it a X-Rayed scissors look. The cool thing about this dye, is you apply it to your fabric, place objects/negatives over top and only the areas where the sunlit it are activated and therefore colour. It's pretty cool.

The colour I used for this one was orange. Obviously, but just to be clear! lol. I'm pretty much digging this tee. Plus it's super soft!! For the fabric, I used this Laguna jersey in Heather Grey for the sleeves and this Laguna jersey in White/PFD. Both are from the imagine gnats shop.

So let's not forget the second one I made!! This one is the same as the first, this time, I didn't mess around with the length (which I'm so happy about!). Again, this shirt is super comfy and fits great. I went with the short sleeve length option, since I knew I'd wear it more often that way. Even with winter coming, I typically layer with sweaters or long sleeves over top.

For this Inkodye project I cut out some arrows and again, went with the messy inkblot look and I used navy for the colour of the dye. These arrows turned out a bit better then the scissors because they covered a thicker area. Which makes me think the more shadow area you have, the more defined your project will be. I'll be hopefully testing out those negatives next. So hopefully I can tell you more about the entire process then!

And now, for fabric details! The grey is the same as the grey from the sleeves and the arms are this Laguna jersey in navy. Again, I can't get over the stretch and how soft these are. I'm so glad I ordered as much as I did! Since I'll be making some kiddo projects with these next.

And as always....I want you to get the most inspiration for your buck (or so to speak ;)). So don't forget to check out the Kollabora pool and all the featured stitchers linked below. ALSO, make sure to remember to enter that giveaway...hello...amazing prizes!! Can I enter?!?!? (Not sure if that would be breaking a rule of participating in a series....probably....so go win something for me!).

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SSW Day 2: Triangular Out and About Dress

This dress! What can I say...I have been dying to try out this dress! And when I saw the chance to try it out for Selfish Sewing Week I kind of jumped on it. I was able to get a copy thanks to Caroline of Sew Caroline for SSW. Yea...I'm pretty excited I got an email from Caroline, she just seems to be the sweetest gal! I feel kind of bad I never responded to that email...I just didn't know what to say other then Hi...OMG let me be a geek over here and say HI! hahaha. Now, prepare yourself for lots of cheesy pictures, we're going to start discussing this dress...

This is the Out and About Dress pattern, and it is so comfy looking I couldn't help myself! It's been on my 'to sew' list since it came out....hello, it just looks to comfy plus it has pockets...anything with pockets is a automatically on my radar (think about it...when I get a wedding dress...she's gonna have pockets!). Anyways, let's get past my pocket obsession here, and get back on track. Once I printed out the pattern and started to cut into it, I kind of got nervous, I had just finished sewing the biking peplum and have been debating about the whole ruffled waist area, but I said I'd sew so I sewed! Plus it has pockets (last time, I swear!!). Which redeems the whole 'ruffled waist area' issue.

To make this dress, I cut out a size L. I was in between sizes, and the fabric I pulled at (a Girl Charlee score from the bargain section, they don't seem to have anymore in this colour, but did you see the turquoise one!?!?) doesn't have a whole lot of stretch (I think it's 25%) so I sized up just to be on the safe side. I made pick a fabric with a bit more stretch and size down, since the waist area is a wee bit loose.

Also, the next time I sew this one, I will be making the shoulders little wider at the top. I'm not too sure if it's just me...but the shoulder seam was really small on me and pulled the sleeve up quite a bit, which made the whole area pucker a bit.

Flaws and all though, I'm digging this dress. It's got it's own seam issues (my serger was acting up...what?!?! I'm hoping I found the problem though!) but I'll probably be pulling it out quite often. It's pretty comfy! I left the skirt hem a little bit longer, just to see how it sits on me/how I like it. The next one I might shorten up as a 'tester' to see how the changes affect it. But overall, it was a happy sew!

Have you gotten any projects finished for SSW? I'd love to see them! Make sure to check out the Kollabora page for inspiration or you know, any of the featured stitchers below. And don't forget about the giveway the Rachael of imagine gnats is hosting!

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SSW Day 1 - A Biker's Peplum

So...I can't believe it's that time of year again!!! Selfish Sewing Week!!! If you haven't heard about this event before, it's hosted by Rachael of imagine gnats, where the idea is to sew for yourself ALL WEEK LONG (kind of like Kid's Clothes Week but for instead) Seeing as how I've been trying to make it my goal to start sewing for myself more often this year, this is the perfect excuse to push aside every kiddo project that I've got a) going on, b) plan on starting and c) that I've been dreading getting to haha.

For my first make, I decided to try my hand at another Penelope Peplum by See Kate Sew. You can see my first attempt here. I had grabbed this awesome Cherie bicycle knits from imagine gnats a few weeks ago and knew that I wanted to use it for myself. What can I say...I love my bike! And the first thing that came to mind was to try this pattern out again.

This AGF knit again is super comfy! I mean, I've been wearing the top all day at this point in the pictures and can't get enough of it. It hasn't stretched out and the drape is really nice. According to my measurements, I sewed up a medium and left the top length pretty much as is. Now I have a confession for you guys....I'm not sure I'm crazy about the peplum style on me....I think it's more about where the ruffled area of the top hits me. I feel like straight on, it kind of highlights my hips...because let's be honest...I'VE GOT HIPS!!!

I plan on attempting this top again (maybe this week if I have time....), I think I may shorten the bodice and lengthen the skirt just to see how it sits. Other then that, I'm hoping to knock a bunch of patterns/fabrics off my 'to sew' list so stay tuned for that! But in the mean time, for more inspiration, make sure to check out all the other featured stitchers! PLUS, if that's not enough, Rachael has a giveaway going on where there are 41 prizes to be won! So make sure to enter the giveaway here.

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Pretty in Peplum: The Top

Yesterday I talked about the dresses while testing the new Pretty in Peplum Dress/Top pattern by Abby of Sew Much Ado, and today I'm back with my top version.

This top was sewn with the last version of the test pattern. The bodice is about an inch longer and the skirt on this one is about 5/8" longer then the dress versions I shared yesterday. Again, I sewed up a size 4 with 5 length. It this one was bang on the money for A! I also pinched the neckline a little bit off center. It was totally unintentional, but turned out pretty neat so I rolled with it. I'm also thinking it would be a fun spot for a brooch or a little bow or something.

The fabric I used for this top is a cotton/spandex blend from King Textiles that I grabbed last summer. And apparently they still have some! So if you're in the Toronto area, make sure to make a trip there, it's super soft! And honestly really easy to work with.

I'm really happy with how this top has turned out! And so is A...which is a real bonus since again, we've stayed away from pink. I think this girl is finally letting go of her all pink wardrobe. Can't wait to see what else I get to sew up for her now!

Have you grabbed your copy of the pattern yet? I'd love to see what you guys are making!