Sew Biking - Mini First Aid Kit

It's no secret I love biking, and it's no secret I love to sew! Now combine those two things in a conversation with others who enjoy it and you create #sewbiking! Today a bunch of us will be sharing some sewing tutorials for your biking pleasure! 

Now since I don't generally bike on my own, think 3 kiddos with me here. A lot of scapres and bruises tend to happen. So I thought it'd be handy to have a mini First Aid kit on hand. The one I've created for today is just a small kit that is big enough for a small tube of polyspirin, some individual antiseptic wipes and lots of bandaids!

This little bag is SUPER simple! All you need is a little bit of ripstop (or a waterproof/water resistant fabric if you plan on leaving it on the bike) and a liner fabric...I used a quilting cotton.

1- Cut 8 pieces for your straps, I cut mine 1 1/2" by 3 1/2" for length (make sure to measure your bike post first, since it may be thinner or thicker.

2- Sew 2 pieces together, along the two long sides and one short side. Repeat for all 4 straps. When you're done, turn right side out.

3- Now, cut a piece 3 1/2" wide x 12" long from both the main and the liner fabrics. We'll start with the main. Fold over so that the bottom edge comes about 3/4 of the way up the piece and pin in place. The top of the piece will become your flap, so you don't need to worry about sewing it yet.

4- Now, insert your straps inside your pouch and place them where you would like them, leaving at least 1/2" between the top strap and where the fabric ends. Pin in place and sew. Repeat on the other side. Turn right side out.

5- Repeat step 3 with the liner fabric and sew each side side. When you're done, insert your liner into your pouch, fold edges in about 1/4" and topstitch them down.

6- Time for your velcro! Sew one side of the velcro to the front of the pouch near the top, and one side to your flap. Now sew on the velcro to your straps and you're done!

And now you've got a super simple and cute first aid pouch for you bike! My kids (or myself) will always know where the bandaids are for our rides!

Hope you enjoyed! And make sure to hop on over to these other blogs to see their #sewbiking tutorials. And don't forget to share your own creations or biking adventures on Instragram with the hashtag!


KCW - Why I Sew

Hey Guys! Just wanted to pop in real quick this morning to let you all know that I'm up on the Kid's Clothes Week blog for my final post as summer contributor. It's all about why I sew and it's definitely personal! Would love to here your comments :) So make sure to check it out here.


KCW - Tie Dye Edition

As part of Kid's Clothes Week, I had sworn to myself that I would try some of the techniques I had posted about for the Kid Fabric post I had up on the Kid's Clothes Week blog. One of the techniques that I thought would be a blast to try with A and C would be to tie dye some tees. And because white t-shirts are apparently ridiculously hard to find, I knew I'd have to sew them up anyways.  

I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern for all three of these. I think I should have sized them all up. I made a 4 for A and C and a 3 for L. Mostly because of the length, but I do want them to fit a little while still. I used a medium weight sport jersey that I already had on hand. And we went to Michaels to grab some dye. I didn't want to go crazy, but did want them involved in their colour choices, so each kid picked one colour.

The tee that I'm mostly showing you guys here is C's, since A and L were NOT into pictures... L was sleeping during our tie dye experiment, but A and C both did their own. I showed them using L's how to twist and tie elastics, and once that was accomplished we each took turns putting them in the dye and soaking them as desired. We stuck to one colour each to make things a little easier since it was our first time.

The entire process did take a bit longer then anticipated. Since I wanted the neckbands to stand out a bit and not get tie dyed, I sewed this on in one of my last steps. Here is a quick rundown of how the process went:

  1. Sew tees EXCEPT neckbands;
  2. Do the 'fun' tie dye parts!! Knots and dyeing;
  3. Let them dry overnight still tied;
  4. Leave tied and rinse until no more dye comes out;
  5. Remove knots/elastics;
  6. Hang to dry;
  7. Sew on neckbands;
  8. Wash and dry in washing machine/dryer
  9. FINALLY!!! You can wear them :) 
See?!? Lots of steps! But that's mostly because I wanted to make sure that the necks wouldn't curl if I sent them in the wash before I put on the neckbands and I reeeaallly wanted those to contrast. 

Here's a quick glimpse of how all three turned out colour wise. The kids looooove them! They have seriously worn the crap out of these shirts already. I'm thinking this may become a new summer tradition. Super simple yet super rewarding.


KCW Day 2 & 3

It's day 3 of Kid's Clothes Week and let me tell you I have been pro.duc.tive! I think this is the most amount of projects I have ever made for KCW...ever! I spend day 2 making a bunch of white tees for the kids to play up the Kid Art theme, and I've got a Charlie dress that's almost complete thanks to some sewing in this morning. But for now, I'm only going to be showing you the one tee today since it's the only one that's really complete.

When Girl Charlee released this vintage motorcycle jersey I could NOT resist. Ummm, hello, finally something that inspires me to sew for the boys! And not only that, but A has decided that she wants some of that motorcycle action too, so I've got some fun plans for it. But back to L and his shirt.

I used Made by Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern in a size 4T. He measured a 3T, which I sewed up for the tie dye shirts (which you will see soon), but I wanted this tee to fit him for a little while, or at least into the fall. It fits him really good, and I think from now on I will be sewing him the 4 (maybe I should also update my size chart...)! I cut the sleeve pattern piece at about 3" past the bottom of the armhole, since I wanted a longer sleeved tshirt. And used a super soft grey jersey knit that I found in the clearance section at Fabricland. And for 3$/meter, definitely couldn't go wrong!

So technically speaking, I'm not quite sure this tee is actually done yet. I wanted to try to make it work into the Kid Art theme of KCW by having L paint one or a few of the motorcycles. But since I don't have any fabric paint yet (hopefully I will be going to the store tomorrow...) I'll leave it as is for now.

How is your KCW going? Finished any projects yet? Have you tried out the Kid Art theme? Would love to hear what you guys are doing! The project pool looks awesome!!!