Selfish Sewing Week -- It's coming up :)

Now that Kid's Clothes Week is behind us, and lots of kiddo sewing has been done in the past few weeks, it's time to get some 'me' sewing done, thanks to Selfish Sewing Week. A event hosted by Rachel of imagine gnats that will run the week of April 28th.

I find sewing for myself is never a priority. Maybe because I'm afraid I'm going to screw it up…and the way I see it, you use more material (which costs you more) and that paralyses me a bit when it comes to actually cut into it, afraid that I'll be stuck with something that doesn't quite fit. BUT, I'm trying to get past that this month and dive right into things instead. Rachel is offering a free printable planner to help get you get organized and ready for the week. 

I'll be sitting down with mine tonight to try to figure out what I'll be sewing, or at least cutting into, next week. I will be sharing my plan with you when it's done later on this week :) For now though here a few quick goals (nothing really specific)  

First thing I want to do is finish my washi dress! All that needs to be done is hemmed and the sleeves. Super simple, and should be super quick!

Second thing, I want to sew something up in some knits. Not sure what, but thinking a nice light summer dress or a maxi dress would be awesome. 

Third thing, go through my inspiration boards on Pinterest and pick one or two things two either complete or at least start working towards. Wether them being full outfits or just a source of inspiration for a look. We'll see how things go. 

For now, that's a bit of a plan. I will hopefully have more details later on this week about what I'll be doing. Make sure to check back then, plus I have a few projects I'm hoping to get done for the kids as well (if time permits) so look out for those too. :)  


Happy Easter

I thought I would just pop in today and wish everybody a Happy Easter. The kids had yesterday off and will be home Monday as well (extra long weekend ;) ) and the weather is so nice out that we've been outdoors for the past two days. So nice that the snow has all melted and the yard is pretty much mud-less woohoo! 

We did come in today though to decorate some Easter eggs for a little bit. An activity that I have never actually done with them (with eggs and dye that is). 

L surprised me the most, being extra careful and not actually making a mess (the boy can be a monster sometimes…). And overall, everybody enjoyed it!

Well, I'll be back Tuesday with some more sewing projects for you. Happy Easter :)


Lua Sleep Sack - Pattern Tour

You know those dreamy nights, where sleep is wonderful, and you wake for nothing. Well, hopefully this new pattern will help you with that, or you know, will help your baby sleep, which will then help you sleep! An from Straight Grain has released her newest pattern, the Lua sleep sack

I had the opportunity to test this pattern a few weeks ago and let me tell you, this pattern came at the right time. I had just finished sewing up C's kudzu cargos and was in the middle of sewing his spring jacket. I was a little overwhelmed in a way since I have never sewn so much at one time and decided to put a day aside to spend time on this sleep sack. I don't know why I put a whole day aside, because honestly this took me about an hour to sew up. It was SO satisfying!!!!

For this test I sewed up the 6-12 month (or 1Y) with the two piece front. I opted not to do the piping detail, even though it calls for it along the curve, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I think if I had included the detail it would have been too busy with the fabric I chose. I chose to match this orangey-red solid with the last bit of triangular fabric that I got from #thegreatfabrichdestash off Instagram from Rachel of imagine gnats. I seriously love this fabric, you can see the other projects that I've made with it here and here! If I find the selvage, I will post the details! And finally for the lining I used a solid minty aqua to match.

I have seriously been dying over here to put wood buttons on something....anything! And this turned out to be the perfect project. I find the natural bottoms add a touch of whimsy to the bold colours and print. This is the first time I've sewn a zipper, and that being an invisible zipper to boot, let me tell you I am feeling pretty fearless now. Thanks to An's instructions, and for some crazy reason a dose of confidence on my part, I sewed on this zipper in record time without having to use my seam ripper!

I had the chance to test it on a sweet baby girl over the weekend and let me tell you it was the perfect size, so off to her it's going for the chilly summer nights. I mean, you didn't think I was keeping it for myself did you!? This pattern would also make for a great baby shower gift, in whichever size really. So guess what the next baby shower I go to will have ;)

If you're interested in this pattern (which you should be!!!) An is offering it at a discounted price with the code LUALAUNCH this week only, which gives you a 1$ off the price, so make sure to hop on over there and grab your copy! It's so worth it, I swear :)

Willow & Co - Kudzu Cargos

I'm back today with another Willow & Co sew!! This time I'm showing you the Kudzu Cargos designed by Elisa of Charming Doodle. One of Elisa's patterns that I really love (and want to get my hands on next) is the Knight Hoodie, so make sure to hop on over there after and check that one out too! I love how she's coming out with great boy patterns. Needless to say, I'm pretty darn excited over here. 

So back to the Kudzu Cargos. This pattern includes two different fits, the relaxed fit (which I sewed) and the skinny fit and two different lengths, the pant length (which I sewed) and the shorts length. It also has optional cargo pockets (I included one) and a diagonal leg seam (which I didn't include in this pair). 

First let me say, I have never sewn up a pair of jeans that truly look like a pair of jeans that you would buy at the store! And let me tell you something about these, I LOVE these. I love the details that Elisa has included in this pattern, like the back pocket's diagonal seam and stitching, the way the cargo pocket is put together, among other things!

I sewed up a size 5 for C, and the fit is pretty relaxed. I really like them on him! I think the only difference I'd do next time (which will be included in the pattern I'm pretty sure) is include an elastic at the back of the waistband. I also need to hem them just a tad more, but that's just little details.

For the fabric I used up a a pair of old jeans from the hubs. In all honestly, I actually used two pairs. One for the main pant pieces (legs) and another for the smaller details (pockets and waistband). I probably could have used up just the one pair, but I was worried about the different colouring and fading from where the back pockets were originally, so I just grabbed a second pair to finish these up to be on the safe side.

I love the way the waistband is on these pants (too bad I didn't get a picture….), it has a jean front, with a ribbed knit back. Super comfy! I must say when I got C to try on his new jeans he loved them, he claimed they were really comfortable (that's the goal buddy!! :) ).

Overall I love how this pattern has so many options and becomes really versatile. It will definitely become one of our summer staples, I plan on making a couple of shorts for the boys with this one! And I've definitely got to get the diagonal leg seam on a few pairs. 

Well, that's it for my Willow & Co testing/posting. Make sure to check out Willow & Co's website for more info and details on the collection. The drawings are up on their blog. If you want to see more sneak peeks of the collection, search for #willowandcopatterns on Instagram and you'll see a ton of inspiration. Oh and before I forget, the collection will be released April 22nd…so make sure to keep your eyes open for that!