KCW - A Girl With Freckles...

Well I meant to be back this week with more knitting inspiration...but I kind of gapped that it was Kid's Clothes Week... Soooo, I'm going to save the inspiration for next week and show you my first finished KCW project.

I realize that today is Day 3, and I actually finished sewing this on Day 1...but it's better late then never. And honestly, it was a super quick sew! I've had the Tumblee Tee pattern by imagine gnats in my pattern stash for a while now and have cut it out several times... I just wasn't sure what to make with it, I can be a bit indecisive sometimes when it comes to cutting into fabric. I finally just bite the bullet and grabbed some of this super comfy Laguna jersey in navy and cut out the tee.

I had come across this quote a few years ago on pinterest (author is unknown) and had this idea over the summer to make a quote inspired tee for A, since she has the cutest freckles. I wanted to give it a simple look and offset the quote to the side for an almost colour blocked/modern take. I think it turned out pretty good. In these pictures it seems like the letters are too far over but they actually sit really well on her.

I used the freezer paper stencil method to transfer the quote I had unto the tee. I also had some glitter fabric paint. Hindsight here, I would suggest to do one or two layers of white first and then one or two thin layers of sparkle fabric paint over top after. I only used sparkle paint and it was a little tough to pull the stencil off after. But it was soooo worth it! She loves it, and I'm happy with the outcome. This is also my first time freezer paper stenciling!

And just for fun, I'm also including a free printable of the stencil that I used so that you can make one too if your heart desires :) If you use the stencil, I'd love to see how it turns out! I should be back a little later this week with, hopefully, some more KCW makes!


Sweater Season for the Boys

Sorry for my lack of post on Monday...it just happened to fall on our Thanksgiving here in Canada and I completely forgot to schedule this post! Now, I'm not going to go on and on about Thanksgiving weekend, since it was good and I could write a whole post, but I'm going to keep discussing some sweater knitting inspiration, this time for the boys.

Last week I discussed some inspiration for myself. So now I'm moving on to the boys. C and L are a little tougher in the clothing department when it comes to knitting for them. C hardly wears anything knit and L will wear it, but only if it's not too cumbersome or hot. So trying to keep those things in mind, I want to try to make them something that they'll both feel comfortable in that doesn't look like a typical pullover that your grandma may have knit.

First up is Gaspard Le Grand. There's a mini version which is just as cute! What I like about this one is the interesting kangaroo pocket detail on the front. Also, it's got a great little collar. I think this one would be really cute in this black Knit Picks Capra. I think even if it was dark, it still wouldn't hide those fun details, but might subdue them a bit, since I know C might not go for it if the details were in your face.

This sweater...this one is the cutest! This is the Latte Baby Coat, the sizes go up to a 4 so you could do this up for a toddler/preschooler. And I have to admit, this one is on the list a little less because I'll knit it up for the boys (they're almost too big for those sizes...) and a little more for the cuteness factor. If I could knit this up and get a lot more use out of the pattern I would... It's ridiculously cute and I really love the double wide button placket. The more I think about this little sweater, the more I'd use this yellow/brown yarn from Sweet Georgia Yarn. This is their Superwash Chunky in Goldmine. It's a little pricey, but for the size of the sweater I think it would be worth it.

And finally, this is probably one of my favorites. The Little Spring Hoodie is a similar style sweater to the Latte Coat above but comes in bigger sizes and I like the simplicity of the pattern. It's still got interesting details and a modern feel, yet still manages to have a classic style to it. I could see myself making one for each of the boys and even A too. It's just that kind of sweater. At the moment, the yarn that's really calling to me for this is the recommended yarn, Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Twig. I just love the variations of the brown in this DK yarn. I might just have to grab some for myself!

Well, that's it for the boys. I have a couple more patterns I have in mind, which you can check out in my ravelry favorites here but I am trying to limit myself and think about which ones will get the most use. Next week, I'll have a similar list for girl sweater inspiration, after all, A does need new sweaters too ;)

I'd love to know that you're knitting up for your little ones or any patterns that you'd recommend! Leave a comment below and let me know :)


A Starry Parka

I don't know if you guys remember... But at the beginning of the summer, Cherie of You and Mie and Meg of Elsie Marley organized the Happy Homemade Sew-along. And the idea was to sew up the parka pattern out of the Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids book. I was pretty thrilled, because finally it gave me the boost to sew up something from this book that I've been pretty much using as eye candy since January.

I actually got off to a really good start at the beginning, and then I stalled...and put it aside...and now here is the finished product a few months later! Oh well, better late then never :)
So let's get into some details. I originally sized this sweater for C and cut out the size 4. And then that's when things went kinda crazy on this sweater. I pulled out this terry cloth knit that I got here but there doesn't seem to be any left.... and A declared that she just needed a new sweater. So OK...her and C are pretty much the same size, so I went along with it.

So this sweater...as much as she loves it, and it's super soft!!! It has some downfalls. Realistically, it's just too small for her. I think I need to remeasure her since she's had a growth spurt since the last time I measured her early this summer. So alas, this will probably be passed down to L since C has also appeared to have gone through the same spurt.

This was also my first time sewing with terry knit. And let me tell you, my serger is a saver! The raw edges really need to be finished properly and I'm so glad I serged all the raw edges, the only part I didn't serge was the neckline which I used some binding I had on hand. I had some troubles with was the hem lines though. Let me explain, I sew on an older Pfaff, which has a really high tension pressure foot, that I didn't account for, so the hems are pulled a bit more then they should. I tried fixing them by steaming and they did get a bit better! But I think next time I sew with something so thick I'll be using the walking foot.

Overall though, she does love it. You guys, she's worn this so many times already in the past two weeks! I'm lucky I even got pictures of her in it. I think I'll definitely be making another one but this time, I'll stick with the woven requirements to see how it turns out first. Maybe a plaid?! I really loved this version here.


It's Cozy Sweater Season

It seems that fall has FINALLY arrived around these parts. After September's up and down weather, when you didn't know if you needed a tshirt or a jacket, the cooler temps have seemed to finally settle in and the leaves are dropping. Which means, it's time to get knitting! I thought it'd be fun to show you guys a couple of patterns and yarn combinations that have me inspired to pick up my knitting needles again for the fall/winter. I haven't made much since last spring, but I haven't really been digging anything too specific, not being able to make up my mind and all. But I figured it was high time to move some of these lovelies from my favorites to my queue and getting something on those needles!

Let's start with Antrorse by Very Shannon. This one grabbed my attention as soon as Shannon and Jane released their teaser video for Journey. I've made two of the patterns from the book already which you can see here and here. But this sweater has been on my mind for a while now. I had big plans to go through the entire book before summer came along, but you guys know how big plans go...they don't quite work out like you ever want them to.
So for this sweater, I love the original colour that's in the book...BUT, I have a looooot of blue in my closet. And I'm trying to get more colours into my wardrobe. Lately, I've been digging a lot of yellow and orange tones.This yarn is Quince & Co's Osprey in the Apricot colourway. Although this picture for some reason doesn't quite show how orange it is...it's really pretty! It's a nice and soft looking orange without being too bright and childish. Something I could really get into!
The next sweater I want to knit up is Boxy. Now this one has been in my queue for AGES! I love how drapey it is. I could pair this with leggings and skinny jeans and it would become my uniform, I swear! The reason it's been in my queue for ages, well, I just haven't been able to decide on a colour. I mean, I could probably have one in every colour and not have enough. So I sat down and finally decided on something neutral and cool. Which would pair nicely with leggings I already have on hand. But I still wanted texture in the yarn I would pick...I found Brooklyn Tweed's Loft in Truffle Hunt. I've heard so much about Brooklyn Tweed, both their yarn and their patterns, that I really want to give them a go!
And finally, this one is a newer find for me...Snow in May. If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I tend to keep on wearing T-shirts and short sleeves throughout the winter. I'm pretty sure the only time I wear long sleeves is when I know I'll be spending my day outside in my snowsuit (which you can guarantee, I'm not dressed to impress, which means I'm in long johns!). So for me, any quick cardigans that I can layer over my tees easily is a must. And this one fit the bill. For colours, I honestly didn't have to look for long. I currently have a green sweater that matches this Pickles's Merino Tweed Spring Leaf colourway that has become too short (from too many washes) for what I like to wear now. I'd love to be able to replace it with something like this. For the accent colour, I think going with a light and creamy tone, like Fresh Milk would be just perfect!
I'm trying to get a list of knitting inspiration together for the kids as well, so you'll be seeing one come up soon! But for now, I'd love to know what has you inspired for the coming cooler months! Will it be knitting? Sewing? Let me know in the comments below :)